Thank you Grace – A Tribute to Grace McClung

Joyce Fort and Grace McClung 2014On January 23, we joined friends and family in celebrating the life of one of Bonny Lea Farm’s cherished family members, Grace McClung.

Grace became a friend and strong advocate for Bonny Lea Farm more than 30 years ago when her daughter Susie began living and working here. Both were known for their outgoing personalities.

Grace was remembered this week for her dedication to caring for and uplifting others – something she did tirelessly for those here at Bonny Lea Farm. She recruited and organized volunteers, she started an auxiliary, she shared our story far and wide. We are grateful for an indebted to the impact the McClungs have had on Bonny Lea Farm and are proud of their legacy, McClung House, a residence that bears their name and the McClung Trophy, in memory Susie McClung, which recognizes a participant who has demonstrated achievement in the workplace.

During last week’s celebration Cate Drage, who along with her husband Peter were among Grace’s many friends and former volunteers at Bonny Lea recruited by Grace, recalled “Grace was always the first person to hold up her hand when a volunteer was required… The one who threw herself, 200% into enriching lives at Bonny Lea Farm…She laughed from her heart and she loved all of us unconditionally.”

When asked about Grace, long-time friend and former Bonny Lea Farm Board Member, Anne Flinn shared, “She was just an incredible person. Grace always did things quietly, always giving, never negative, always upbeat and positive, and always, always took the high road. We often think about things we would like to do for others but we don’t follow through. Grace got those things done.”

“Amazing Grace” sums up everything about her. She was just amazing,” says Lois Stackhouse, friend and former volunteer at Bonny Lea Farm. “We used to get together for lunch once or more a month. In more recent years we would talk and the phone. And, laugh. Oh, we would laugh.”

While memorials and tributes to Grace will continue in the weeks, months and years to come, we are grateful that she was among us and that we were able to consider her a part of our family. We hope to continue to honour her by having her “can do” attitude, ensuring each and every participant is made to feel special and to never stop having new ideas.

We thank all of those who have made memorial gifts to Bonny Lea Farm in memory of Grace. These gifts ensure that Grace’s legacy lives on by helping adults with disabilities to learn, grow and succeed. Grace, we can’t thank you enough.