About Us

Our History

In 1973, a group of men and women had a vision to ensure that young people with disabilities were given opportunities to learn the skills needed to lead meaningful and productive lives within their community. Their vision of teaching, advocacy, and challenging conventions led to the incorporation of South Shore Community Service Association and the founding of Bonny Lea Farm.

While we now only serve adults, Bonny Lea Farm proudly continues to be guided by our founders’ vision.


Our Mission

Bonny Lea Farm is committed to empowering special needs individuals, providing opportunities to experience faith, self-respect, love one for another, dignity, integrity, productivity, and responsible community living.


e-0019How We Do What We Do

Bonny Lea Farm (South Shore Community Service Association) is located on 80 acres of land, which was partially cleared in the 19th century for a large farm. The name Bonny Lea Farm is synonymous with the character of those days gone by.

We offer a family-like atmosphere where adults with intellectual disabilities learn grow and succeed. Our residential, vocational and enhanced programs and services are guided by each participant’s goals and aspirations, reflecting a person directed/person centred response in all that we do.


Our Board, management and staff are committed to supporting participants in achieving their goals.

As a licensed service provider, we receive 75% of our funding from the provincial government. The remaining 25% comes from foundations, grants, our social enterprises and investments made by donors.

Our many donors and sponsors enable us to do what we do. Our volunteers give generously of their time to help with programs and events throughout the year, particularly our “Lobster Lovers’ Feast”.

We value the partnerships we have built with the community, which provide volunteer and work placement opportunities for participants, as well as a market for our social enterprises.

Contact us to arrange for a tour of Bonny Lea Farm. We guarantee you will never be the same.