Bonny Lea Farm Launches Annual Fund Drive

Ever wonder if you make a difference?

So many people these days wonder if they make a difference. As Bonny Lea Farm launches its Annual Fund Drive on November 23, the organization wants to assure existing and potential donors that their support makes a big difference in the lives of the people who live and work at Bonny Lea Farm.

Participants and staff at Bonny Lea Farm have been busy preparing the addressed letters to their existing donors and bundling the postcards that will land in mailboxes of residents from Hubbards to Tantallon and the Lunenburg area.

The letters to existing donors tell the story of Catherine and her family.

“Catherine was born with down syndrome. Growing up an only child, her compassionate and caring nature brought great joy to her mother and me. As older parents we knew we would need to find a home for Catherine where she would continue doing the things she enjoys and be part of a community after we were gone.

We heard about Bonny Lea Farm and came for a tour. Everyone was so happy. Catherine loved it. Afterwards her mother and I looked at each other and said, “Are you thinking what I am thinking? We found the home for Catherine.”

We wanted what was best for Catherine. With Bonny Lea Farm, we knew we found it. That was in 1988, and I feel the same way today. Every now and then miracles happen. For us, it’s been Bonny Lea Farm. At my age it gives me great comfort to know that Catherine is happy and has a place she calls home.” –  Tom, Catherine’s father

By reassuring existing donors of their impact and reaching out to new donors with their eye catching postcards, website and facebook page the charity is making it easy for people to give online, by phone or by mail. Bonny Lea Farm, which has been empowering adults with disabilities since 1973, is hoping to exceed the $40,000 the campaign raised last year.

3 easy ways to make a difference:

1.       Online – Visit and click “Donate Now” or on our facebook page: and click “Donate”.

2.       By phone – Call us at 902-275-5622 ext. 241

3.       By mail  – If you would like to receive a package call us at 902-275-5622 ext. 241 and we will be happy to send you a fund drive package by mail.