Programs & Services

Bonny Lea Farm does not fit the participants to our programs. We shape our programs to fit our participants, focusing on providing the level of support each participant needs to reach their own potential.

We offer the following specialized programs and services:

Residential Services

We offer a safe and supportive environment for life-skills development and learning for 36 participants in our nine licensed homes: four group homes, four small option homes, and a supervised e-7207apartment, We also have one respite care bed.

One of our group homes is the converted original farm house; two others are part of the residential buildings situated on a courtyard on the property; while the fourth is in the Village of Chester.

At home participants plan and prepare meals, complete household chores, do their own banking and shopping, and go on many outings to the best of their ability and corresponding to their preferences.

We are currently building two new homes with anticipated completion dates in 2024.

Vocational Program & Social Enterprises

e-7110Our vocational program provides work options for participants who live within our residential program as well as some who live at home and attend only during day time hours.

Vocational instructors provide training and skill development opportunities, helping and teaching participants the skills necessary to perform each of the work roles.

Our current social enterprises include: Kitchen Crew, Kuttin’ Kindlin’, Greenhouse & Garden (Plants, Oils & Vinegars), Small Contracts, Confidential Shredding, the Handy Wipers, the Community Crew and The Shop on Central. For more information click here.

Enhanced Supports

We support participants in reaching their goals through our enhanced supports tailored to each participant’s unique needs. These include speech and language therapy, HEART program (physiotherapy exercises, physical wellness and nutrition), communication and behavioural counselling, spiritual development, and Broadening Options Program, which offers participants vocational and volunteer options within the community.

“If it wasn’t for Bonny Lea Farm, I don’t know where I’d be.” Rose, participant