The two Karens at Bonny Lea Farm, Karen the Executive Director and Karen the participant, would like to share a little about the people whose lives are changed when you support Bonny Lea Farm and ask you to make a difference by giving a donation to our annual campaign.

Bonny Lea Farm is a place of hope where people with disabilities have a voice, independence and pride in what they do.

Donations help to make that happen through our residential, vocational and enhanced programs, making a significant difference every day in the lives of the men and women who live and work here.

If you want to hear a story of determination and resilience we would like you to meet Karen.

Long-time Bonny Lea Farm participant, Karen, has faced her share of challenges over the past few years with the loss of her father and step-mom, work crew changes, COVID-19 restrictions, and most recently, moving homes.

Remarkably, through it all Karen chose an attitude of positivity and grew in her ability to express herself, make new friendships, maintain healthy relationships, and shine in setting new goals and embracing new opportunities both at home and at work.

Recently, after taking a big step towards accomplishing a goal, Karen said, “I am a superstar!”

But, don’t take it from me. Here is what Karen has to say about how she is doing, the impact Bonny Lea Farm has had on her life and why she feels like a superstar.

“Bonny Lea Farm has given me lots of things I love. My work, in the kitchen. My home, and the things I do there, like helping make meals and going swimming.  My independence. And, my boyfriend.”   

– Karen, Participant

And, she is not the only superstar at Bonny Lea Farm.

There is David, rising to new responsibilities in the Kindling Crew and trying new ways of living with his dietary restrictions. Or Bonnie, who would normally have been in the community nearly every day, adapting to staying at home during COVID-19 closures. And then there is Jillian, one of our newer participants, who has settled in to life at Bonny Lea Farm, forging strong friendships and trying out new things.

If you’re inspired by Karen, David, Bonnie, Jillian and others at Bonny Lea Farm, we invite you to make a donation today.

Bonny Lea Farm has a vision of a better world where people with intellectual disabilities are able to live with dignity and respect in a supportive environment, and maybe even feel like superstars!

By making a donation you can enable people with intellectual disabilities to make powerful choices about their lives. You help provide them with opportunities to live, work and engage in their community in meaningful ways.

Thank you for your support – it is more important than ever.

Karen Healy | Participant                                 Karen Lake | Executive Director

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