Will Power

Your Will Can Make a Difference

Thank you for helping adults with intellectual disabilities experience personal dignity and growth. We are delighted to be partnering with Will Power, a national movement to educate Canadians on the power they have to make a difference through their Wills.

Can I Really Make a Difference with My Will? 

In short, yes. By leaving a gift to Bonny Lea Farm in your Will you can make a bigger contribution than you ever thought possible to furthering our work.  

Common Myths:

Many people believe that they can’t support both their loved ones and their favourite cause with their Will. The truth is, just a small percentage of your estate left to charity can have a big impact, while still leaving the majority for loved ones. Choosing to support your charity can also reduce and, in some cases, even eliminate the taxes to be paid. A win-win! 

Some people think they need to be wealthy to make a gift to charity in their Will. Actually, no matter the size of your estate, you can be a part of this powerful movement for change. Wondering how your future gift would be used? Find out about how we use donations here

Take a look at the free resources and tools on the Will Power website to learn about the common myths surrounding gifts in Wills , the potential tax benefits , and more.

If you have questions about helping people with disabilities to learn, grow and succeed through Bonny Lea Farm, please don’t hesitate to contact Liz Finney by email or by calling her on her direct line at 902-277-0986. She is here to help.

We are a proud partner in the Will Power movement, and you can visit our Will Power page here