This Little Light

Bonny Lea Farm Hopes New Video will Help Their Little Light Shine

Picture this: It’s dark. You see a candle and hear a voice start singing “This Little Light of Mine”. Then there are more candles and more voices.  The song ends.  The tagline reads: Help our little light shine and shows the Bonny Lea Farm logo and link to their website

Participants and staff at Bonny Lea Farm recently shot their first music video. The idea came from staff member, Kathy Pace. It is powerful, simple and fun.

“Seeing their faces as they sing is just so special. It’s great to see this come together,” exclaimed Kathy Pace.

The song begins with staff members Peter Parsons and Matt Whynot playing the guitar and banjo.  The acoustic strings are joined by the single clear voice of Rose Deveau, who has lived and worked at Bonny Lea Farm for over 30 years. Gradually the other participants and staff join in, each one holding an LED candle while they sing.

The end goal is a short video that can be posted on their YouTube channel and Facebook page and linked to their website as a means of raising awareness about Bonny Lea Farm in a way that participants, families, board members and staff can easily share.  And yes, there is a hope it will go “viral” and that some people will visit their website, learn more about the organization and perhaps even make a donation online.

When asked what she thought about making the video Rose Deveau said, “It was a blast. Hopefully people will watch it, share it, take the time to learn more about Bonny Lea Farm and support what we do.”

The participants and staff practiced the song for a few weeks prior to scheduling the videographer.  They are excited to be doing this project and are looking forward to seeing and sharing the video.

The video, which the organization plans to “launch” online in December coincides with their annual direct mail campaign. The goal for this year’s campaign is to exceed last year’s total of $40,000.

“Our annual fund drive is our biggest fundraising activity of the year. We are truly appreciative of the loyalty of our donors and always look forward to welcoming new people in discovering the joy of supporting such a wonderful and worthwhile organization,” commented David M Outhouse, Managing Director of Bonny Lea Farm.

To download the press release click here: Little Light