Bonny Lea Farm’s DREAMS 2020-2021 Impact Report

A Message from our Board Chair 

Since beginning my term on the Board, and more recently as Chair, each year has brought new challenges and opportunities to the organization. This past year was no exception!

I am grateful and proud of the way that the Board, staff and participants worked together to address the significant challenges presented by the pandemic, which required us all to do things in new ways.

I am grateful for our government and community partners who were there to support us in finding the supplies that we needed and stepped forward with additional funding to help cover the mounting costs.

This year we also saw a transition in leadership, with our long-serving Executive Director David Outhouse stepping in as Managing Director of the South Shore Work Activity Program and long-time employee and manager Karen Lake becoming Executive Director. I am grateful for the excellent leadership David has provided over the years and know that the organization and participants are in good hands with Karen.

In the midst of it all, two participants moved to long-term care. They had both been with us since Bonny Lea Farm’s very beginnings. We look forward to having our long promised Aging in Place home so that others will not have to make this move.

Our Board too is seeing change. I would like to thank outgoing members for their many years of service. 

As we go forward, I hope the past year will long be remembered not only for its challenges, but also for what we have accomplished in the midst of uncertainty. As well, that the compassion we have all given and received will eclipse the sacrifices we have endured.

We invite you to click here to read our 2020-2021 issue of DREAMS to see the difference you have made this past year in the lives of people living with disabilities.


John Biebesheimer  |  President & Chair South Shore Community Service Association