Ben’s Story

Ben’s Story

Ben has been participating in the Day Program at Bonny Lea Farm for a few years. He feels a great sense of pride in the work he does and enjoys the new friendships that he has made. Since beginning with the Day Program, Ben has grown in so many ways. He is more willing to talk to people or to use his iPhone Speak App. His confidence has grown and he values the encouragement and support he has been offered. He has a wonderful relationship with the entire staff, who continue to bring out the best in him! Everyone is so kind and caring. They always go out of their way to make each and every one of the participants feel special in their own way.

With Ben’s younger brother and sister learning to drive and moving away, Ben is very content knowing that he too has found meaningful work in Bonny Lea Farm’s Day Program’s social enterprises!

When I drop Ben off in the morning, the huge waves and enthusiastic shouts of “Hi Ben”, “Great to see you Ben” from the participants as they stroll towards the main building from residence to start their day, is not only a big lift for Ben’s spirit, but as a parent it is tremendously comforting to know that Ben has found his niche and is surrounded by friends.

–          Barbie (Ben’s Mom)

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