Programs & Services

Bonny Lea Farm offers the following specialized programs and services:

Center for Independent Living (Residential Program)

This program is comprised of three licensed group homes, four small option homes, a supervised e-7207apartment, and one respite care bed with a total capacity of 36 beds.

One of our group homes was converted from the original farm house on the property; one other is part of the larger residential complex, while the third is in the Village of Chester.

Over 40 full and part-time staff provide 24 hour care and support to the men and women living within these residential options. This operation is commonly known as Residence or our Residential Program.

Vocational Program & Social Enterprises (Day Program)

e-7110Our vocational day program provides work options for up to 45 participants who live within our residential program as well as participants who live at home and attend only during the day time hours.

Vocational instructors provide training and skill development opportunities, helping and teaching participants the skills necessary to perform each of the work roles.

Our current vocational project areas include: Cafeteria, Bark Barn Mulch, Kuttin’ Kindlin’, Greenhouse & Gardens, Oils & Vinegars, Woodworking, Small Contracts and Wiper Project. For more information click on our Businesses menu.

Bonny Lea Farm Greater Achievement Center

The Greater Achievement Center is comprised of the specialized and support services required to assist participants to develop their potential. Supports include augmentative communication, occupational and physical therapy style interventions, behavioral interventions, and personal counselling.

The Greater Achievement Center also provides additional support to the vocational program through a Broadening Options Program that offers participants vocational options within community businesses.