Gifts in Will

Leaving a gift to a charity in your Will offers you the opportunity to make a very meaningful and lasting gift to a cause you believe in. These are thoughtful gifts that reflect your values and may require careful consideration.

It can be as easy as naming the charity and including the CRA number.

Residual or Fixed Amount Gifts

Bonny Lea Farm (SSCSA)                    CRA #119158459RR0001                         

Gifts of Stocks or Shares

Bonny Lea Charitable Foundation       CRA #871101507RR0001

A well-planned gift can also provide very attractive tax benefits for your estate, looking after the needs of your loved ones. Your financial advisor can help you choose a vehicle that is right for you and your personal financial goals. You may also find our Leaving Your Legacy brochure helpful. 

At Bonny Lea Farm, we understand that these decisions are not entered into lightly. When you are ready to proceed, we are here to assist you in fulfilling your wishes. We would also like to be able to express our appreciation to you personally for your commitment and support.

For more information about supporting Bonny Lea Farm, please contact:

Liz Finney, Fund Development Director     

902-275-5622 ext. 241  or