Host a Community Event

What is a community fundraising event?

Do you want to support a local charity, be involved in your community, and have fun? If so, consider hosting a community fundraising event, to raise funds and awareness in support of Bonny Lea Farm!

Hosting an event is a valuable way to not only help Bonny Lea Farm generate more awareness, it also provides opportunities to increase our networks and fundraising reach.

What kinds of events can you host?

Anything from contests, spaghetti dinners, online campaign, sporting tournaments – let your creativity flow! Want to do something but aren’t sure what? Give us a call.

How can you get involved?

If you would like to host a community fundraising event on behalf of Bonny Lea Farm, we request that you contact us 90 days prior to your event to discuss and establish clear parameters and expectations for all parties involved in the activity or event.

For more information or to discuss your idea, please contact:

Liz Finney, Fund Development Director at 902-275-5622 ext 241