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In 1973, a group of interested men and women developed a vision to assist young people with disabilities with opportunities to learn the skills needed to lead meaningful and productive lives within their communities.  Their vision involved teaching, advocacy, and challenging conventions that led to the incorporation of South Shore Community Service Association and the founding of Bonny Lea Farm.

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In 1973, what our participants accomplish today was thought, by many, to be impossible.  Today, Bonny Lea Farm proudly continues the traditions so clearly begun over 30 years ago and we continue to be guided by our mandate so clearly  articulated in our mission statement.

Our Mission Statement
Bonny Lea Farm is committed to empowering special needs individuals, providing opportunities to experience faith, self-respect, love one for anther, dignity, integrity, productivity, and responsible community living.

South Shore Community Service Association (Bonny Lea Farm) is situated in the center of 80 acres of traditional Nova Scotia forest  land partially cleared in the 19th century for a large farm.  Although farming is no longer conducted on this land, the name Bonny Lea Farm is synonymous with the character of those days gone by.  We offer a family like atmosphere where people with special needs experience personal growth and development all within a few minutes of picturesque Chester.

This seaside village of Chester is a popular vacation and resort destination.  The nearby waters of Mahone Bay and its numerous islands are well known for yachting and have made Chester into a cruising destination.  Arrange for a tour of our facility and then enjoy the beautiful scenery that the South Shore has to offer.